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Hey Lovely! I'm Tiffany​ Toxey!

I've always been a hopeless romantic. I get teary when I watch movies with love stories & I love seeing a grand declaration of love. My love for organization, building & following timelines, and creating strategies are the few reasons why I love being an Wedding/Event Planner.

I have had the pleasure of attending Lovegevity WedTech Academy to become a Certified Wedding Planner, expanding my knowledge and gaining expertise. I absolutely loved every moment of learning floral design through industry leading teacher Leah T. Williams -Bloom Experience Class. My team and I love executing and meeting our clients expectations. We're client experience specialists, budget experts, and logistics masters! 

I grew up in a small town near Charleston, SC and I now live in a small town near Atlanta, GA with my husband and children. We enjoy watching movies together, listening to music, and making homemade bath salts & candles. My Saturdays’ are spent handling logistics and coordination with couples like you. I love D.I.Y. projects, the color pink, and a double caramel frappe’. I’m so excited to get to know more about you!

Why We Do

The Lovely Things We Do

Wedding Planning- My Idea to Reality

I attended a wedding along with 250 other guest in attendance in 2008. While it was a wedding full of love; florals, centerpieces, linens and food was definitely there, but no Wedding Planner was hired. The couple didn't capture the moments of the family having a great time interacting with each other because the family was so busy trying to figure out what else needed to be done and if they were actually doing it right. Overall, one of the most important moments the couple was missing out on was relaxing and enjoying the wedding day; I stepped in and helped with setting the remaining tables, directed others where to go, and assisted the bride; I absolutely loved it. It was then that I realized that no bride should have to go through the same experience. Planning a wedding entails so many elements. Many details are often overlooked and sometimes even forgotten about all together.  Our team love meeting with the bride to dig in and grasp her and her sweethearts' personality and style, hear about traditions, and help create that one of kind story.  We love walking her through the process and preparing her for that grand entrance when everyone first lay eyes on her before she becomes Mrs.

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Business Planning- My Idea to Reality

I was the one that always wanted to start a business to build a legacy for my family. After my wedding planning ideas, I craved to start a business because I saw myself doing weddings and events happily for the rest of my life. I would be able to give clients a great experience filled with happiness and in return I would get to live the life I began to dream of. However, having a husband & kids, working in corporate, and trying to start a business was so overwhelming. I felt like I was all over the place, my list of to do's seemed like it kept growing by the hour with nothing being checked off, and the burn-out kicked in. I finally did a reality check with myself and started doing research and investing time and money into learning how to be strategic and make the most of my time. As I was learning, I was taking action. Now, I love creating workflows, working with systems that fit, and using automation to work smarter and not just harder. No matter your profession, your business need a process and administrative management. I know there are so many others that felt the same way I did in the beginning and that's why I started the business planning; so you can learn how to manage your time doing the things you love and are passionate about while strategically keeping your business running with profit. 

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I'm a glitterholic- on my desk from my candles to my pencils, glitter makes everything glamourous.

I absolutely love logistics- Accomplished- Lead Fashion Crew Coordinator at Charleston Fashion Week.

I love event day- my favorite must have is my emergency day kit for my client! 

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

I'm such a foodie. For my sweet tooth give me cake. I'm all in for  taste testing.

My favorite subject growing up was reading, I'm still #teamreading. Knowledge is power= Mastermind

I have this thing for dress and heels! I leave my super cute sneakers for workouts/event day.

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor