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In The Life of Mrs. Toxey

I grew up in a small town near Charleston, SC and I now live in a small town near Atlanta, GA. I'm a mommy and a wife. Family is so important to me. We enjoy watching movies together.  In our spare time, myself and my daughters enjoy making homemade bath salts and candles.

Why I'm an Event Planner and Educator

My passion is to make someone else's day it's best. Creating memories are what matters to me as I love making memories to last a lifetime and beyond (those speechless moments make this statement true). I love digging in to grasp a person's personality and style, hear about traditions, and help create that one of a kind story. I live for the moments to see the reactions of clients when they see their designed event for the first time. 

My Background Experience

I have worked under high stress levels in fast paced environments making real life decisions before and when emergencies arise. I have almost fifteen years of experience in meeting and event planning, logistics, hospitality, budgeting, and revenue planning. Yes. Manager, Accountant, and 911 operator are all positions I have held proudly. With this successful experience; 

I can confidently say, I'm a client experience specialist, budget expert, and logistics master. 

You're going to love what we'll get done together!

Fun Facts and Favorites!

I'm a glitterholic- on my desk from my candles to my pencils, glitter makes everything glamourous.

I absolutely love logistics- Accomplished- Lead Fashion Crew Coordinator at Charleston Fashion Week.

I love event day- my favorite must have is my emergency day kit for my client! 

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

I'm such a foodie. For my sweet tooth give me cake. I'm all in for  taste testing.

My favorite subject growing up was reading, I'm still #teamreading. Knowledge is power= Mastermind

I have this thing for dress and heels! I leave my super cute sneakers for workouts/event day.

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor